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Independant Vs large tour operators

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Why you should consider independant holiday companies rather than large well known tour operators.

In the light of Thomas Cook ceasing operations I'm sure a lot of you will be nervous about booking your next holiday. Such a trusted and established company has proved to be instead a liability for many of its customers who are now stranded. Many like you, choose package holidays as it seems easier and it can also seem like you are getting a better deal or value for money.

Benefits of booking with independent companies and the truth about value for money. Not only can you tailor your holiday needs such as travel and accommodation type but in fact the value for money will be so much greater. Independent companies work incredibly hard to ensure guests have an amazing stay as they are usually on the ground and communicating with them from day one before even arriving. What you pay is going directly to the service you receive rather than to cover overheads of offices, staff and admin costs etc. Therefore you will get a better service and not be playing Russian roulette on the hosts you will get on arrival. We've all stayed in ski chalets with large tour operators turning up to hosts who can barely boil an egg and are only there to party. You end up dreading your evening meal and it really puts a downer on your well earned holiday, why risk it?

If you have a problem with your flight, you can simply change to another and get a refund - no waiting around for the tour operator to decide if and when they will arrange another flight for you wasting your precious holiday time. You can choose what time and how you travel whether with low cost shared transfer options or a private door to door service. Ultimately you have more flexibility and choice as well as peace of mind in knowing when you get there you can completely relax.

Yes it is tempting when you see what appears to be a great deal when large companies discount (in fact making a loss). Just ask yourself what's more important? Having an amazing stress free holiday or saving a few quid and putting up with whatever you are given.

Put it to the test and book independently this winter, you won't regret it!

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