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We are all familiar with that feeling of disappointment when we wake up in the mountains to a complete white out, feeling like you are stuck inside a ball of cotton wool. Well it really does not have to be the case, follow our top tips to make the most out of these days.

1. Lot's of people tend to stay at the chalet or sit in restaurants on these days which means one thing - quiet pistes, particularly great during busy peak weeks. That also means less time spent in a queue to get the lift...Bonus!

2. Stick to tree-lined piste as this will help with visibility. The tree's help to mark out the route ahead and provide shelter from winds.

3. Wear the correct goggles for the weather. There are lots of different lens types and colours which can baffle anyone. Most producer's have a guide to help you choose. Make sure you always have a lens that works well in low light conditions - it really does make a huge difference to your experience.

4. Take it easy. No doubt you have been pushing your body quite hard on the mountain to make the most of your holiday. This is a chance to take your time, slow down and focus on your technique, maybe learn some new tricks. As a snowboarder I always try to improve my switch (riding with my weak leg forward) on days like this.

5. White-out days usually mean snow - this is great news! soft, fluffy powder to glide across and the promise of untouched off-piste to come. One of my best days was riding in St Martin on a white out day with knee deep soft powder on the piste whilst everyone else is obliviously looking upwards into cloud deciding not to bother.

This pic is La Masse, Les Menuires. One of the best off piste runs - watch out for the lake!

6. Stay local and on a familiar piste. There is nothing worse than not knowing where you are and having limited visibility, it can be very disorientating. Try to stick to an area that you know well and you will have way more fun.

7. Don't forget to take breaks. Don't force yourself to stay on the hill if you aren't enjoying it. Also it can be quite tiring for your body having to concentrate more. Make sure you make time to stop off for a warming tipple and keep your energy levels up with snacks.

8. Don't forget at the end of the day it will be so much sweeter to get back to the chalet and warm up next to the log burner with your well earned cake and a hot cup of coffee or tea, feeling smug about having stories of your day instead of hiding away in the Chalet.

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