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Hand made soap and body wash with natural ingredients.

We've been having a lot of fun hand making soap for our guests this season....

Deciding which company to provide our guests with bathroom essentials whilst staying with us in Chalet Chardon Bleu has been something Seb and I have enjoyed exploring the possibilities. We love natural products but also products that feel luxurious and really look after our skin. We really don't like those little mini plastic hotel toiletries and all the waste that comes with them or bulk soap dispensers that are filled with poor quality body wash. 

We have looked at alternative companies that offer plastic free and eco friendly and feel they are not quite what we would want when going on a luxury ski holiday - great for backpacking around South East Asia I imagine. So we have been doing lot's of research and what we have realised is handmade organic soap and body wash made by our very hands is the only option we are truly happy with.

Our soap base is Goats milk, completely natural and great for all skin types. It's gentle and moisturising. We have two flavours that we love after experimenting which are Honey and Lavender and Orange and Rosemary. 

Our body wash is a an organic coconut and rapeseed oil liquid castile base. Blended with essential oils this has a delicate scent with soothing Lavender to help relax the body and mind with nourishing honey.

We hope you enjoy using these products when you stay with us as much as we enjoy making them for you and knowing that there is minimal waste used in packaging as well as delivery, they can be a real guilt free treat. 

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